As a unique Hungarian-owned company, -with a Hungarian production unit in Hungary, with ten-year experience with the leading manufacturers of the world, we are available for our customers.

With international manufacturing experience, manufactured products designed for all parts of the world, we know the expectations and needs of major armies and civilian defence organizations in connection with the production of inflatable management implements.

With this knowledge we strive to cooperate with the Hungarian Army and the civilian defence to develop the devices and systems used in Hungary.

With our own design and production capacity, in case of interest we can design and manufacture products which meet the customers’ requirement from the basics to individual, one-piece and serial production.

The main components of our product range:

  • pneumatic tents
  • pneumatic cabins
  • metal framed tents
  • personal protective, decontamination tools
  • products for placement
  • simple decontamination units
  • mass relief and decontamination
  • ABV protection
  • Colpro, CBRN protection